Small Changes = Big Impact

I’ve worked in some area of customer service since I was 17. From the restaurant industry to tour guiding in Alaska, I learned that when it comes to customer service, small changes can have a huge impact. One thing that makes a big difference is the idea of follow-up.

We see it all the time in restaurants. You receive your food, and the server comes to check and make sure everything is to your liking. In Alaska, I would connect with tour members after an excursion to make sure they had an enjoyable time.

Those few extra minutes of follow-up go above and beyond simply meeting a need. Those extra minutes show that you care about the well-being of this person.

In your practice, one of the best things you can incorporate is better follow-up. After a patient’s initial exam, call them to assure them that you’ve seen their x-rays and you can give them the help they need. After a patient’s first adjustment, call them that night to see how they’re doing. After the New Patient Orientation, call to ask if they had any questions.

The more personal contact you can have with a patient, the more you build their trust. And as we all know, trust is a big factor in decision making. Small changes in your customer service will go a long way when it comes to increasing your PVA.

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About the Author

Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.