See It, Own It

When I was in training to work at The Cheesecake Factory, they ingrained into us the phrase, “See it, own it.” The idea was that if you saw a problem, take it personally. See it as your own personal responsibility, and try to fix it. If you couldn’t fix it, find someone who could.

I grew up as the oldest of seven kids. Oh, how I wish this idea had been part of our training. Mostly because of my poor mom! I can’t even count how many times I would see someone had spilled their cereal on the counter, but I left it there because I assumed someone else would fix it. I’m sure that ended up being my loving mother.

Now, I don’t know about you, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Definitely in your home, but especially working in a busy restaurant or chiropractic office. I’m going to constantly be training my kids to take responsibility for the home. Even if they didn’t break it or make the mess; if they see it – they need to own it.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on your team had this mindset? Just spending a little bit of time training, and then making it part of the office language, could save you (and you office manager) countless hours of frustration. The toilet paper ran out? See it, own it. Go replace it! The printer is on fire? See it, own it. Freaking call the fire department! A patient looks a little lost? See it, own it. Ask what you can do to help them! The list is endless. But thankfully, it’s a little thing that will make a big difference.

Let’s think a little bigger for a minute. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your community had this mindset? See trash on the ground? See it, own it. Pick it up! Thinking even bigger…the cesarean rate in the hospital is atrocious? See it, own it. Raise money to build a birth center! The divorce rate is sky high? See it, own it. Join forces with some counseling service and pastors and hold some relationship education classes!

The possibilities are endless. So the ChiroCulture challenge is this – adopt the “See it, own it” mindset. Teach it to your team. Model it for your community. It will catch on and it will spread. Soon, you’ll see a new culture starting to emerge.

In light and love,


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Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.

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