Chiropractic Slideshow


There is no better way to tell the Chiropractic story than through capturing attention with one hour of inspiring, uplifting, and educational “Chiropractic-lifestyle” slides. Slides cover hundreds of different chiropractic and health facts, quotes, and suggestions to reach all ages and generations. Guaranteed to spark conversation for more patient education opportunities!

Each volume features unique content. Volume 2 features both male and female chiropractors. Volume 1 features male chiropractors only.

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  • 1 hour in length if played at 15 seconds/slide with 2 second/transition
  • Requirements for play: Widescreen HDTV
  • There are many options for playing the slideshow in your office and we include phone and email support to ensure¬†success.
  • Pictures can also be used to post on your social media platform

Options for playing slideshow:

  1. Amazon Fire Stick with FlickFolio App or Amazon Cloud
  2. Compute Stick and keyboard remote
  3. Apple TV (will require an available Apple device to play slideshow and cast to TV)
  4. USB to HDMI cable (will require an available computer to play slideshow and cast to TV)
  5. Digital Signage Display TV