Don’t Steal My Patients!

Imagine another chiropractor decides to open his/her office right across the street from you. How do you react?

A. Dangit!! They’ll start taking all my new patients!

B. So awesome! We can partner together to reach even more people!

C. Whatever, I’m way better than them anyway.

If you chose:

A – You’re living in the scarcity mindset. In this mindset, there are a finite number of patients available. You must fight the competition at all costs in order to stay in business because if the competition wins, you lose.

B – You’re living in the abundance mindset. This mindset says there is more than enough to go around and when we partner together, our reach expands.

C – Woah there, let’s tone down that pride a bit! Remember, it’s not about you. You are not the hero, the patient is.

Let’s be real, if your initial reaction was A, that just means you’re human. It’s completely natural to assume the competition is the enemy. But in this mindset, you’re working endlessly to get ahead. And you’re doing it alone.

If you choose to have the abundance mindset, your competition now becomes part of your tribe. You’re making new friends, expanding your audience, seeing things from a new perspective, and seeing more doors open. You can be humble and open to connection. Because the truth is, it’s not about you. It’s not about being the best chiropractor in town. It’s about reaching people with the chiropractic message and changing their lives for the better.

If every single person in your town decided to become a new patient tomorrow, would your practice be able to handle it? I’m willing to bet your CAs would have a melt down and your copier would explode.

We need each other. We need as many chiropractors as possible because every single person out there needs a chiropractor. Let’s start encouraging each other and working together to reach our cities. There’s more than enough to go around!

About the Author

Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.