Community Outreach: Going BIG!

Thank you to Erin Collins, Outreach Director at Collins Chiropractic, for this awesome guest post! We’ll be hearing from several guest bloggers the next few weeks while I’m on maternity leave. I’m excited to share what other people are doing to change the world through chiropractic!


Why go big for your community as a chiropractic office?  The easy answer would be to generate awareness for your business and acquire new patients.  But pursuing your community with just that goal in mind misses the point and the opportunity to show up in a big way.  

We hold the answer to something that other healthcare providers miss out on: You were born to be healthy and your nervous system runs the show.  What if our efforts to reach our community were to spread that message?  What if we start letting kids know from an early age that they weren’t born broken, they were designed for health, and that no matter what they are up against there are a few simple ways to design a healthier life for themselves.  And the ways are simple: eat good food, move your body, and think powerful thoughts.  

Out of this desire to show up big for the kids in our community came Awesome Kids Day.  We wanted a day that was less a safety day aimed at teaching kids the things that can go wrong and how to prepare for the worst (thought those types of educational events certainly have a valuable place) but rather a day focused on what can go right and how you get there.  There are lots of campaigns aimed at teaching kids to prepare for the worst.  This was an opportunity to teach them about expecting and reaching for the best, and it is aimed at reaching kids at a young age so healthy living becomes a habit early on.  It is easier to start kids with healthy habits than to try undoing poor habits later on!  We, as small businesses in their community, are a small piece of these kids’ lives but we should make our piece as powerful and positive as it can be.

Now in its third year, Awesome Kids Day is turning in to a tradition in our community that kids look forward to.  It’s a free day of games, healthy treats, big muscle movement, fine motor activities, and affirmations that get kids excited about being a kid and striving for vitality.  Parents are learning too!  They leave with ideas for activities they can engage kids in at home that build healthy skills.  

We keep it free so all the families in our community can attend…not just the ones with means.  This means it’s not cheap ☺.  But with a little collaboration between natural health providers in our community, including FOUR different chiropractors, the costs are shared and the impact of the natural healers in our community compounded.  We are working together at a grassroots level to change the face of health in our community.  Is it a new patient machine?  Absolutely not.  But when a healthier community emerges, the mindset toward health and vitality changes.  And when the mindset of a community shifts toward striving for vitality, the demand for holistic care naturally increases.  Even if new patients aren’t beating down the doors, encouraging health and joy is always a win.  Spreading this message the right way is our calling and it is a lot of fun!  Check out to learn more about the event or watch a video here.

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Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.