Change Their Perception, Change Their Life (Part 2)

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The second way we can help change what people think about chiropractic is through outreach.

The fact of the matter is, we can never compete with Big Pharma’s marketing. They spend billions and billions of dollars on advertising their latest and greatest drug with a whole list of side effects that are worse than the actual disease they’re claiming to cure.

But while we may not be able to compete with their advertising, we can reach people in a totally different, outside of the box way that will make an even bigger impact than Big Pharma ever could.

Outreach means taking the chiropractic message outside our own four walls, into the streets and into where people’s lives are actually happening. Outreach is like marketing with the heart with the goal of bringing positive change.

Our goal as chiropractors and CAs is simple – we want people to be healthy. So take a look at your community and see where health is lacking. And then decide to do something about it. When you start fixing the problem, people start to notice and when they ask why, you get to share the heart of chiropractic.

The opportunities for outreach in your cities are huge. Maybe the c-section rate in your city is through the roof. What can you do to lower that rate? Healthy pregnancy and birthing classes? Open a birth center? Or maybe the schools are feeding your kids crap. What can you do to promote healthier nutrition for your schools? Rally parents together with a petition? Raise funds for a school nutrition consultant? Look for that problem in your city that really makes you angry. That’s where you should start.

When you start creating healthy changes in your city, you build trust and create a standard for health. People start to look to you as the health leader and then, when you share the chiropractic message, they no longer see you as a hippie or as a boring back doctor. They see your level of care, and they believe your message.


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Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.