If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Is it just me, or are cell phones in the waiting room the bane of your existence? Seriously, people are waiting to get adjusted, do some posture correction, and they’re sitting around with text neck staring at Facebook memes or DIY projects on Pinterest.

Eventually I decided that if you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em.

That’s why I created our Waiting Room slideshow. With beautiful photography, fun facts, inspirational quotes…it looks exactly like what patients are seeing on Instagram and Pinterest. So instead of looking down at their phones, I figured out how to capture their attention and get them to look up and engage with something that could change their life.

We had a prenatal patient come in for the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. On her very first adjustment, she said a picture of a baby getting adjusted on the slideshow and a quote about how chiropractic gives babies the best chance at an optimal life. “I didn’t know you could adjust babies,” she said. And bam – her future newborn became a patient.

We had a lady who came to clean our office twice a week. She didn’t have any back pain so she never thought she needed a chiropractor. But after a couple months of seeing our slideshow and how subluxations can cause things other than pain, she decided she and her whole family needed to become new patients.

The point is, what people see in your office matters. We need to capture their attention and use their time in our practice as an opportunity to change what they think about chiropractic.

The slideshow isn’t perfect. It takes a little work to set up (but I personally call you to walk you through it). It costs money (but the value is so much more). But with all its quirks, it really does make a difference.

We now have two volumes you can choose from. They each have unique content but the main difference is that Volume 2 features both male and female chiropractors while Volume 1 features only male docs. Click here for more information.

About the Author

Hannah Nelson

As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.