Breaking The Glass Wall

I don’t remember most of what I learned in college, but one thing that our president said will never leave me. He said, “Don’t become so professional that you forget to love people.”

After graduating and entering into the business world it became evident that this was easier said than done. Brene´ Brown summed it up in her book, Daring Greatly, when she wrote, “Very early in our training, we are taught that a cool distance and inaccessibility contribute to prestige, and that if you’re too relatable, your credentials come into question.”

It’s easy to see the physical manifestation of this when you go to certain medical offices. There is a glass window separating the patient from the receptionist. I see that window as a symbol. We are the doctors, you are the lowly patient. We are highly educated, you are a sheep. We do the fixing, you do what we say.

Though I’ve never been to a chiropractic office with this window, there still can be an invisible glass wall between the doctor and patient. All in the name of professionalism. Or at least, all in the name of HIPAA. It’s not just chiropractic, either. I get that glass wall from my accountant, lawyer, consultant, gym owner, etc. For some reason, people think that they have to stay distant, otherwise they aren’t believable.

Doctors (medical and alternative) tend to think that patients want a mechanic or an instructor. But in reality, patients want a coach or a guide. Someone to relate with them, see the potential, and call it out. People crave connection.

Being a human is hard. Every one of your patients could benefit from knowing you’re a human too. If you can shatter that glass wall, and relate with your patients, you will start to see a shift. The energy that used to be blocked by glass, will be able to flow freely. It may feel a little messy, but it’s a beautiful mess. Joy will abound, love will rule, and lives will be changed.

So go ahead. Get out that sledgehammer and do some shattering.

In light and love,


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As founder of ChiroCulture, Hannah's goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and help them create a better and healthier world.

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