Bring it on

In the five years I’ve worked for as a CA, the way we kick off our day has evolved. It used to be that we would get there an hour or so before patients arrived to get the paperwork ready. Then we would have a “cluster” meeting to go over which patients were on the schedule and anything we all … Read More

What’s Your Compass?

I found this gem of an article from the Storybrand Podcast and it was just too good not to pass on! You can read the entire article here.   Articulate Your Vision in Simple, Aspirational Terms What business is Disney in? Amusement parks? Movies? Merchandise? Nope. If you ask any employee, they’ll tell you — they’re in the happiness business. … Read More


In order to spread the message of chiropractic, I do a bit of traveling. And working with different airlines, rental car companies, and hotels has made me realize…nothing makes a trip worse than terrible customer service. But I’ve also realized nothing makes a trip dazzle more than excellent customer service. When you’re trying to work with a company that is … Read More

Guest Post: Shaping our Environment

While I’m on a two-week missions trip with my family, enjoy this guest post is written by a fellow passionate CA! We Shape our Environment and Our Environment Shapes Us by Ben Fader Like every other species, humans are shaped by the environments they inhabit. To a degree different than any other species, we also have the power to shape our … Read More

Guest Blogger: A Collective Healing Presence

While I’m on a two-week missions trip with my family, enjoy this guest post is written by a fellow passionate and world-changing CA! A Collective Healing Presence: By Ben Fader I’m a Chiropractic Assistant, and I love it. I greet people, get to know them, set them up in traction, and witness daily stories (we call them “miracles”) of health … Read More

Make Change

If I asked you to write out your job description, what would you write? Maybe something to do with adjustments, exams, chart notes, and managing employees. Or if you’re a CA, you might say your job is to greet patients, make reminder calls, and schedule appointments. While you would be right, your job goes so far beyond these tasks. Seth … Read More

Get Angry

In most cases, getting angry could be considered a bad thing. And yes, yelling at strangers who cut you off in traffic is probably not the best way to live your life. Take a chill pill and remember that you’re not always a perfect driver either. While many forms of anger can hurt people, there is a kind of anger … Read More

How to Hire Amazing People

How can you guarantee to hire an amazing person for your practice? It’s easy to find someone with basic office skills that can do the job. But how do you find someone who will make their job into an art? How do you find someone who will care as much as you do? People like this do exist and finding … Read More

Oh Snap!

Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov of Princeton were studying the idea of snap judgements. They found that people can make snap judgments about a person’s trustworthiness, competence, aggressiveness, and likability within the first tenth of a second. According to their research, people rarely revise their first impression, they just become more confident that they are right. In other research, Todorov … Read More

Your Life’s Book

Seth Godin wrote, “The book that will most change your life is the book you write.” Now, not everyone is a writer and that’s okay. You don’t have to write a book for your life to be changed. I’m pretty sure you could just pretend you were planning to write a book and your life would still change. First, think … Read More