The Grieve, But Principle

You know the quote, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future?” It refers to the basic principle that we become like the people we most spend time with. Nowadays the people I most spend time with are a four year old and a 10 month old. And one of the things kids do best is WHINE. Seriously…just … Read More

Change The Perception, Change Their Life (Part 3)

The third way you can help change what people think about chiropractic is to become a storyteller. When I first started working as a CA, one of our patients was a little 1 year old girl named Elsa. I kept hearing her mom saying how amazing she was doing and how much better things were now. After a few months, … Read More

Change Their Perception, Change Their Life (Part 2)

Click here to read Part 1 of Change Their Perception, Change Their Life ————- The second way we can help change what people think about chiropractic is through outreach. The fact of the matter is, we can never compete with Big Pharma’s marketing. They spend billions and billions of dollars on advertising their latest and greatest drug with a whole … Read More

Change Their Perception, Change Their Life (Part 1)

This is an excerpt from a presentation I recently gave at the ChiroSushi Summit. Enjoy! ——— I’m sure you already know this, but it’s worth saying. Chiropractic is cool!! If you’re a Chiropractor or a CA – you’re up there with the astronauts and people who swim with sharks. You have the power to transform lives. The problem is, people don’t … Read More

Three Reasons to Love Getting Old

I spent my 27th birthday in Uganda visiting the Karamojong tribe, where life is difficult for these beautiful people. An estimated 250 out of 1,000 Karamojong babies will die before their fifth birthday. You’re considered lucky to reach 18 years old. Spending time in a place where death is so normal, you start to see your own life from a … Read More

Chiropractic and Jazz

Any parent with an infant knows the joy of throwing your own sleep schedule out the window. When you’re woken up at midnight, then again at 2:30am, again at 4:45am, and then finally you get to start your day at 6:57…you find different ways to cope. My coping this month took the form of MasterChef Junior. So while the rest … Read More

The Real Enemy

If you’ve seen or read the Hunger Games trilogy, you’ll remember there is a great line that Haymitch tells Katniss before she’s about to enter the arena for the second time. He tells her, “Remember who the real enemy is.” Even though she’s about to face the other tributes who want to kill her, there is an even bigger battle … Read More

The Distracted CA

Someone recently asked me what to do about millennials on staff who may tend to get distracted with social media during work. At first I laughed, because I come from a high volume office – there’s no time to get distracted! But I know some offices prefer to have a more peaceful environment, and I’m sure it may cause some … Read More

Two Things Your Mission Needs

I think by now, most people know the importance of having a mission. Your mission determines the company’s direction and you can use it to remind your team WHY you exist. It’s your north star that provides clarity when making decisions. There are two things to make sure your mission has. It needs to tell people what you stand FOR … Read More

The Human Card

Maybe you’ve noticed that millennials have been getting some heat on social media lately. I won’t go into it, but I did want to share one simple thing you can do in your practice to help reach this age group. You have to know this about millennials – they want connection. With social media, and 85% of them having a … Read More