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Hannah Nelson

Hannah Nelson


After graduating from college with a degree in Public Speaking and Marketing, I made my living as the Director of Outreach and Marketing at a church. I thought this would be my career until I attended my first chiropractic New Patient Orientation. After hearing the true message and purpose of chiropractic, I knew my life would never be the same.

Three months later I was working for Dr. Aaron Collins as a CA. As I grew into the job, I also started helping with the marketing for the office. My passion for chiropractic only grew and after five years I decided to launch ChiroCulture because I saw how difficult it was for most chiropractors to communicate their message. My goal is to empower and inspire chiropractors to make the difference they always dreamed of and hopefully bring about a better and healthier world!

Dr. Aaron Collins


I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in chiropractic. My Dad has been in practice for over 40 years and I’ve always known that this profession is how I wanted to help people. I followed my dream to Seattle, met my wife and opened a practice – life was really good. But my practice was missing something really specific. We were helping people find solutions to their problems, we were developing strong relationships, and there were individuals who shifted their health paradigm as a result of their experience in our office. But we were making very little impact in our community.

Then I got lucky again. I was working at a community event when I met Hannah. She had recently moved to the area and was looking to work in a chiropractic office. Even though we weren’t hiring at that time, her vision of health and passion for chiropractic compelled me to invent her a position in our clinic. I was inspired by her courage to always speak the whole truth, even when it was hard. Her presence in our office was a very clear starting point for when our vision for what we really wanted to do took off. I started to see possibilities that I hadn’t considered before, and we started to take risks. We were more bold with our message and our mission. We got a lot more specific about who we wanted to reach and developed a sense of urgency for reaching them. For the first time, we started to take real responsibility for the health of our community.

This was a tremendous period of growth for all of us both personally and professionally, and I started to share some of what we had learned with other chiropractors around me. In 2013, Hannah approached me about an idea she had to broaden the impact of what we were experiencing. She wanted to start a company whose mission was to help chiropractors tell the chiropractic story to the public. With a great eye for branding and a bold attitude, she was a perfect fit that kind of job. So my wife and I helped her create ChiroCulture.

I love chiropractic. Lots of people do. But the reason some of us fall out of love with being a chiropractor is that so much of what we want our community to know about what we can do for them gets lost in translation along the way. The longer we go without seeing progress, the more we shrink our vision until slowly we become back pain doctors. What ChiroCulture is doing helps bridge that gap between what we can do for people and what people think we can do for them. Whether it’s our websites, our in-office education materials, or our outside marketing tools, ChiroCulture exists to up the level of impact chiropractors can have in the communities they serve.

Dr. Aaron Collins

Sarah Damey


My love for chiropractic came from some incredible results I got as a patient of chiropractic. After becoming a patient when I was 18, my life totally changed when I started really understanding how healing worked. Not only did my body start to function properly, but every aspect of my life improved. I knew it was from my brain and my body’s new ability to communicate properly with the help of my innate intelligence.

My love for art and design has been a part of me ever since I can remember. I see it as a means to communicate a story in a beautiful, impactful way. I went to school for Design, and worked in that field just out of college. As much as I loved the freedom of self-expression, I felt that there was a piece missing in my life. I realized I have a deep desire for people to understand their worth, importance and their potential.

After being a patient for 3 years, I was hired as a Chiropractic Assistant. I was fortunate enough to have a boss that understood my need to make art, and we married my two loves. Then it hit me. There is actually a way for me to communicate the message of how chiropractic can and will change your life in a stunning way.

When Hannah proposed this opportunity to put my weird niche to use, I had to jump in. Now I’m creating the possibility to pursue living the dream of being able to joyfully share Chiropractic with the world in the best way I know how.

My hope for ChiroCulture is that we can help be a part of leaving Chiropractic better than we found it, and in turn, help our communities and families thrive because the true message of chiropractic is communicated with beauty and impact.

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