Why We Exist

When you want to spread an idea, you have to start with what people see. Millennials are very visual and they value great designs and simple messages. We’ve designed our products to reach the next generation and change what they believe about chiropractic.

Every day people are dying because they look to Big Pharma for answers. They need a new leader to show them a better way. We believe in the power of chiropractic to change lives so we’ve made it our mission to work along-side docs and CAs to spread that message!

Will you join us?


The Team

We are a team of Chiropractors, CAs, and patients – but more importantly we are Chiropractic Advocates. We believe in the power of chiropractic and we’re doing everything we can to let the world know!

Hannah Nelson

Hannah Nelson


Patient. CA. Wife. Mommy. Public Speaker. Writer. World-changer.

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Dr. Aaron Collins

Dr. Aaron Collins


Chiropractor. Husband. Father. Leader. Inspirer. Vision-caster.

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Sarah Damey


Patient. CA. Wife. Designer. Dreamer. Light-bringer.

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